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The reform of Voluntary Jurisdiction

Procedural and Litigation | autor: Patricia Gualde  | Published at: | 17 June, 2015

May the 11th saw the publication in the Official Gazette of the General Courts of the bill on Voluntary Jurisdiction governing proceedings in matters in which there is no dispute between two or more parties but there is the need for judicial intervention in order to protect certain rights and interests relating to civil and […]

Online Monitoring by the Tax Agency

Tax | autor: | Published at: | 8 June, 2015

Up until now companies believed it was impossible to be any more controlled by the tax agency. However, The Treasury is preparing a new master stroke to become even more like ‘Big Brother’. “Online Monitoring by the Tax Agency”, Mamen Gago (Expansión, June 2015)

Collaboration ‘Public-Private’ for Smart Cities

If in earlier centuries the concept of “State” was one of the most common, in the 21st century the concept of “City” is gaining ground, a word to which very different names are added: Informational city, City of Competitive Business, City of Knowledge, Creative city… and finally, Intelligent City or Smart City. “Collaboration ‘Public-Private’ for […]


Corporate and Commercial | autor: | Published at: | 11 May, 2015

Among the list of changes introduced by the recent modification of the law of Capital Companies, the need to document the relationship between the company and the CEO, or the one director who has executive functions under another title by means of a contract, stands out. The new contract of the Managing Director, Vicente Carrau […]

Codes of Employment Conduct in Companies

| autor: | Published at: | 15 April, 2015

Luis Pérez Juste, senior lawyer of the Employment Law Department of BROSETA, has published an article on the codes of conduct in companies in the Financial and Stock Market Studies Foundation newsletter

The Bank does not always respond to the Promoter

| autor: | Published at: | 7 April, 2015

Marta Montes, lawyer of the Litigation Law Department law of BROSETA, analyzes how, with the proliferation of promoters who were doomed to bankruptcy as result of the crisis and failure to deliver the houses bought off plan, the buyers tried to ask the banks for the money they lent for these non-delivered houses. The Bank […]

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