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Ernesto Vidal has published in the Newsletter of the FEBF the article “A Further Step in Banking Union”

  Ernesto Vidal, lawyer of the Commercial Law department of BROSETA, analyses for the newsletter of the Foundation For Financial and Stock Market Studies the new law 11/2015, on recovery and resolution of credit institutions and service companies, which goes one step further in bank restructuring and investment and how the unique mechanism of resolution […]

Luis Pérez Juste has published in Economía 3 the article “Can a company not apply wage increases agreed in the collective agreement?”

Employment | autor: | Published at: | 27 October, 2015

  Luis Pérez Juste, senior lawyer of the Employment Law Department of BROSETA, in Economía 3 analyzes the judgments of the Supreme Court of the 6th of May 2015 (Rec. 68/2014) and of the 7th of July 2015 (Rec. 206/2014), on the application of certain conditions of wage increases in collective agreements, and the problems […]

Luis Rodríguez Soler publishes in the APD magazine the article “Homo Compliance”

Governance, Risk & Compliance | autor: | Published at: | 27 October, 2015

Luis Rodríguez Soler, Partner and Head of Compliance at BROSETA, explains in the APD magazine the main aspects to be considered by businesses in the current environment in terms of compliance with regulations, as well as the present and future relevance of the Compliance Officer. “Homo Compliance”, Luis Soler Rodriguez, APD Magazine, October 2015

Digital access to Justice

Procedural and Litigation | autor: Amparo Canillas  | Published at: | 28 September, 2015

To mark the beginning of a new judicial year in which citizens are expected to gain digital access to justice, Amparo Canillas, senior lawyer in the Litigation Law Department, analyses the status of this Bill and what its passing into law means for the citizen. “Digital access to Justice“, Amparo Canillas, Expansión, 28th of September, […]

Silvia de Andrés has published the article “Internal Control Measures, Means of Payment, Sanctions and International Financial Countermeasures, Financial Entitlements and Institutional Arrangements in the new regulation of law 10/2010, of 28 April”

Money laundering prevention | autor: | Published at: | 4 September, 2015

Silvia de Andrés, Senior lawyer of BROSETA and member of the Committee on Prevention of Money Laundering on the General Council of Spanish Law, analyses in the European Journal on the Prevention and Repression of Money Laundering, the main innovations introduced by Royal Decree 304/2014, of 5th May, approving the regulation implemented by law 10/2010 […]

Carlos Ochoa has published in the Bulletin of the FEBF an article called “The issuing of bonds as an alternative to bank financing”

Banking and finance, Corporate and Commercial | autor: Carlos Ochoa  | Published at: | 16 July, 2015

The law 5/2015, on Promotion of Business Financing (LFFE) has introduced various new pieces of legislation aiming to make  Bank financing to SMEs both more accessible and flexible and to advance the development of alternatives to bank financing. Carlos Ochoa has made an analysis of this situation for the newsletter of the Foundation for Stock Exchange and Financial […]

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