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Luis Rodríguez Soler and Vianella Agudo have published the article ‘Compliance Programs as Protection for SMEs’

Governance, Risk & Compliance | autor: | Published at: | 29 December, 2015

Luis Rodríguez Soler and Vianella Agudo, Partner and Head, and Manager respectively of the BROSETA Compliance Department , have analyzed for the Economía 3 magazine some of the most important issues that should be considered by small and medium-sized enterprises in relation to their exposure to criminal risk resulting from the introduction of the regime of criminal responsibility of legal […]

Sergio Baches publishes the article “Incorporation of the Directive on damages for breaches of Competition Law”

Competition and EU law | autor: | Published at: | 21 December, 2015

Sergio Baches, Head of the Competition Law Department of BROSETA, analyses for APD Magazine the adoption of the Directive on damages for infringement of the competition rules, a Directive to legislators in the various Member States of the European Union that should be incorporated into their systems during  2016. “Incorporation of the Directive on damages […]

Inmaculada Roldán has published in the Bulletin of the FEBF the article “Changes in insurance matters”

Procedural and Litigation | Insurance | autor: | Published at: | 18 December, 2015

Inmaculada Roldán, Head of the litigation defence department in the insurance sector, analyzes in the Financial and Stock Market Studies Foundation Newsletter the entry into force of recent changes in insurance matters at the end of 2015 and at the start of next year. “Changes in insurance matters“, Inmaculada Roldán, the FEBF newsletter, December 2015.

Enrique Beaus publishes the article “Globalization of Tax Information”

Tax | autor: Enrique Beaus  | Published at: | 14 December, 2015

Enrique Beaus, Head of the Tax Law Department of BROSETA in Valencia, in an article for Expansion, analyzes Royal Decree 1021/2015 , which establishes the obligation to identify the tax residence of persons who have the ownership and control of certain financial accounts. “Globalization of Tax Information“, Enrique Beaus, 7th of December 2015, Expansion

Luis Rodríguez Soler publishes the article ‘Say no to corruption’

Governance, Risk & Compliance | autor: | Published at: | 30 November, 2015

Luis Rodríguez Soler, Partner and Head of Regulatory Compliance, has published in the daily sports newspaper ‘Marca’ the article ‘Say no to corruption’, which analyzes the state of the football industry in relation to the risks to which they are subjected, and the need for clubs to implement compliance programs in their organisations next season. ‘Say no […]

Interview with Alejandro Ríos in ‘Levante’

| autor: Alejandro Ríos  | Published at: | 23 November, 2015

Alejandro Ríos, Partner and Head of the BROSETA Valencia Office, speaks to the ‘Levante’ newspaper about the current situation in the Valencian market, the most interesting sectors for investors, the situation of the financial sector and family business, and the keys so that companies in the region can face the future from an optimal perspective. […]

Silvia de Andrés has published the article “Main Changes of the Fourth Directive on the Prevention of Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism”

Silvia de Andrés analyzes the main changes of EU Directive 2015/849 of the European Parliament and Council of the 20th of May, on the prevention of the use of the financial system for money laundering or the financing of terrorism.

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