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Daniel Echegoyen publishes the article “Controversy on the Deductibility of the Interest on Tax”

Tax | autor: Daniel Echegoyen  | Published at: | 18 March, 2016

Daniel Echegoyen, a lawyer in the Tax Law Department of BROSETA, analyzes in the newsletter of the Foundation for Stock Exchange and Financial Studies (FEBF) the deductibility of tax interest, a current issue due to the decision of the Central Economic Administrative Court of the 7th of May 2015 and the recent binding advice V40802015 […]

Luis Rodríguez Soler publishes the article “Goodbye to Armchair Compliance”

Governance, Risk & Compliance | autor: | Published at: | 15 February, 2016

The Partner and Head of BROSETA Compliance, Luis Rodríguez Soler, analyzes in the economic newspaper ‘Cinco Días’ major implications for companies, due to the publication of the Circular 1/2016 of the Prosecutor General of the State, that analyzes the criminal responsibility of legal persons in accordance with the reform of the penal code which came […]

Limits to Bargaining in the Company: The Non-Retroactivity

Employment | autor: Verónica Martín  | Published at: | 10 February, 2016

Veronica Martin, lawyer of the Employment Law Department of BROSETA, analyzes for the Financial and Stock Market Studies Foundation Newsletter, the diverse and recent pronouncements of the Supreme Court in relation to the establishment of limits to the salary reductions negotiated in new collective agreements of companies, or the modification of existing ones. Limits to […]

Nuria Portell publishes the article “Law of Market Unit Warranty: New Administrative Process”

Public law | autor: Nuria Portell  | Published at: | 18 January, 2016

A lawyer in the Public Law Department of BROSETA, Nuria Portell, analyzes in the latest newsletter of the Foundation for Stock Exchange and Financial Studies  (FEBF) the law 20/2013, 9th December, of guarantee of the market unit (LGUM), which recently completed its first two years of life. “Law of Market Unit Warranty: New Administrative Process“, Nuria […]

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