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Jordi Ibiza publishes the article “International arbitration and the reasons for its rise”

Arbitration, Procedural and Litigation | autor: Jordi Ibiza  | Published at: | 6 June, 2016

Jordi Ibiza, lawyer of the Litigation Law Department of BROSETA, analyses for the ‘Newsletter of the Foundation for Financial and Stock Market’ studies the reasons which have seen arbitration becoming the main method for resolving conflicts between States, individuals and corporations in any aspect linked to international trade and investment. “International arbitration and the reasons […]

Carlos Ochoa publishes the article “The keys to the reform of the stock market”

Corporate and Commercial | autor: Carlos Ochoa  | Published at: | 6 June, 2016

Carlos Ochoa, Senior lawyer of the Commercial Law Department of BROSETA, analyses for ‘Economia 3’, as a protector of the investor in the stock market of Valencia,  the main thrust of the reform of the registration system, clearing and settlement of securities, which affects all the post phase of securities trading​​. “The keys to the […]

Isabel Merenciano publishes the article “The future of Collective Bargaining”

Employment | autor: Isabel Merenciano  | Published at: | 4 May, 2016

Isabel Merenciano, Partner of BROSETA and Head of the Public Law Department, has analyzed in the economic journal ‘Expansion’ some of the issues which are due to be resolved by the courts from the practical application of the Employment reform with respect to the conventions of the company. “The future of collective bargaining“, Isabel Merenciano. […]

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