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Reinforcement to effective Judicial Protection

Administrativo | autor: | Published at: | 12 June, 2014

The Constitutional Court has granted a new doctrine under which the negative silence of the Administration, can lead to a term of six months without delay. … (continues)   ‘Reinforcement to effective Judicial Protection’ by Noemí Gimeno. Digital Newsletter of the FEBF June

Developments in Corporate Governance

Corporate and Commercial | autor: | Published at: | 9 June, 2014

The Council of Ministers approved on May 23rd a draft law that changed the Capital Companies Act for the improvement of corporate governance… (continues) ‘Developments in Corporate Governance’ by Lidia Arnandis in

The municipal added value, when there is none

Tax | autor: | Published at: | 2 June, 2014

The tax, commonly known as “municipal added value”, tax on the increase in the value of land of an urban nature (IIVTNU), has in the last few months moved into the spotlight of real estate taxation and local… (continues) The municipal added value, when there is none by José Manuel Tallon / Expansion


Corporate and Commercial | Technology, media and telecommunications | autor: | Published at: | 28 May, 2014

Recently incorporated into our law is the EU directive which aims to provide all the countries of the Union with a homogeneous level of protection in terms of consumer rights. In Spain, the text that drives this regulatory harmonisation is the law 3/2014, of 27 March, amending the revised text of the General Law of […]

Controversy Over Access to a Competition Record

Competition and EU law | autor: Nuria Arenas  | Published at: | 12 May, 2014

A European ruling again shows the difficulty to reconcile access to a disciplinary record in competition in order to claim damages, and the protection of the information in those documents. (continues)   ‘Controversy over access to a Competition Record’ by Nuria Arenas, Lawyer Competition Law Department of BROSETA. Posted in 28/04/2014

A New model of Justice

Procedural and Litigation | autor: | Published at: | 5 May, 2014

The Council of Ministers approved on April the 4th the draft Organic Law on Judicial Power that will replace, after its entry into force, the current law from 1985, which has undergone more than 40 changes throughout its years of… (continues) ‘Un nuevo modelo de justicia’

Internationalisation ‘Alternative or Obligation?

| autor: | Published at: | 17 April, 2014

In an increasingly globalised world, in which entrepreneurs compete in transactions and products not only with their neighbours but with the world, and at a time in which Spain has spent too many years immersed in an unprecedented crisis; internationalisation, in addition to a reality in which many have been caught unintentionally, has been seen […]

Article 5 of the Bankruptcy Law

Bankruptcy, restructuring and insolvencies | autor: Silvia Cámara  | Published at: | 2 April, 2014

The moratorium on judicial executions of the goods necessary for the continuation of the professional or business activity of the debtor. The Royal Decree-Law 4/2014, of the 7th of March, adopted urgently in terms of refinancing and restructuring of corporate debt introduces the modification of article 5 of the law 22/2003, from July the 9th, […]

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