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Workshop ‘Hits and Misses in the Internationalisation of the Construction Industry’

| 12 May, 2014

BROSETA is participating in the Conference on ‘Hits and Misses in the Internationalisation of the Construction Sector’ organised by the Valencian Institute of Business Competitiveness (IVACE) with the collaboration of the Valencian Federation of Entrepreneurs of Public Works (FECOVAL) and the Valencian Federation of Construction Entrepreneurs (FEVEC). The meeting will take place in Valencia next […]

BROSETA obtain the distinction of “Equality in business”

| 16 April, 2014

BROSETA has been awarded the distinction of “Equality in business” which is granted by the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality, and highlights the work of the firm in the implementation of policies of equality of treatment and opportunity between its professionals. In this way, BROSETA becomes one of the first firms to have […]

New Legal Framework in Refinancing and Restructuring

Banking and finance | 10 April, 2014

More than one hundred financial experts, representatives of banks, entrepreneurs, analysts and lawyers participated in the 4th Conference on Refinancing and Restructuring of businesses was organised by the Banking and Financial Department of BROSETA. In the meeting, held this week in Madrid, there was a practical and detailed approach to the Royal Decree-Law 4/2014, of […]

BROSETA, award for the European Banking and Finance team of the year

Banking and finance | 21 February, 2014

BROSETA has been awarded the prize for the European Banking and Finance team of the year granted by the prestigious international publication The Lawyer, at the gala of “European Business Awards: The Lawyer 2014” which took place yesterday in London. The director of the banking and finance team at BROSETA, Antonio J. Navarro, picked up […]

About 200 experts, researchers and practitioners discuss ownership of goods abroad and money-laundering

The managing partner of BROSETA, Luis Trigo, stressed during his speech at the seminar on “Tax residence, ownership of property abroad and money-laundering” held today at the Malaga College of lawyers, that in the fight against tax fraud “there may be special measures when it comes to offshoring”, however, “we have to seek prosecution mechanisms […]

New scenarios for banking in Switzerland

Tax, Wealth Management | 3 February, 2014

After the seminars held in Zurich and Geneva in february, the Managing Partner of BROSETA, Luis Trigo, will participate in two separate meetings in Barcelona and Madrid, 5th and 6th of March respectively, to analyse the “new scenarios for private banking in Switzerland”. At the meeting, Luis Trigo will discuss with other experts the new […]

3rd Annual Compliance Conference

Money laundering prevention | 3 February, 2014

BROSETA is participating in the 3rd Annual Compliance Conference on Prevention of Money Laundering and Corruption, which will take place in Madrid on the 19th  and 20th of February. The meeting will be held with the participation of members of BROSETA, Carlos Diéguez and Isidro de el Moral, among other experts and specialists, and will […]

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