White Collar Crime

The White Collar Crime Department of BROSETA is both directly focused on the prevention of criminal risks in the world of business and entrepreneurship, as well as on the advice and defense of those who are affected or involved in conduct penalised in this area.

The firm is specialised in the sector, which has been traditionally called white collar crime, in which a considerable increase in the criminalisation of conduct has occurred.

The criminalisation of much conduct that may occur in the development of economic activities, if special care is not taken, requires action such as specialised advice, and where appropriate, legal intervention.

To do this, BROSETA has a multidisciplinary team of specialists with extensive litigation experience in criminal law and in other legal branches, integrated knowledge which is essential for the best defense of the interests of our clients, to meet the global demands derived from criminal business law. Members of the team in the Economic Crime Department have been involved in numerous proceedings in the National court, the Supreme Court and, in general, in the courts and tribunals throughout the Spanish territory.

The most relevant areas of practice, including advice and defence by the firm are:

Offences against the Public Treasury, such as

  • Tax Offences: simulations, use of intermediaries, Tax Havens, VAT carousels
  • Tax Accounting Offences
  • Smuggling
  • Corporate offences, such as:
    • Falsifying Shareholder Accounts
    • Abusive Shareholder Arrangements
    • Adoption of Damaging Agreements
    • The Political and Economic rights of Partners
    • Unfair Company Administration
  • Scams and Economic embezzlement, such as:
    • Through Commercial Instruments and Payment Fraud
    • Credit scams
    • Computer fraud
    • Simulated contracts
    • Real estate fraud: double alienation, foreign sale, real-estate harassment crimes
  • Money laundering
  • Punishable insolvency, such as:
    • Goods hoists
    • Breaches of embargos
    • Fraudulent Evasions of liability
    • Fraudulent Insolvencies
    • Bankruptcy Frauds
  • Crimes against the market, such as:
    • Corruption among individuals in sports or commercial or professional transactions
    • Crimes against industrial and intellectual property
    • Crimes of discovery, revelation and fraudulent use of company secrets
    • Offences of insider trading, false information and others relating to the securities market
  • Economic crimes in the public sphere related to economic activity, such as:
    • Misappropriation and unfair flow of public and private management.
    • Bribery and influence peddling
    • Contractual fraud
    • Prohibited negotiations related to business activity
    • Insider Information
    • Planning frauds and other related awards from competitions and public contracts
    • Appropriations, scams and illegal levies in the public sphere
    • Incompatibilities between business activity and the exercise of public function
    • Falsehoods of public accounts
  • Crimes in the workplace, such as:
    • Accidents and others relating to health and safety at work
    • Relating to the contractual conditions
    • Harassment in the workplace
  • Planning  Crimes
  • Offences related to the environment, such as:
    • Ecological crime in business
    • Dumps or illegal deposits

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