Within the Sports sector, the firm has a multidisciplinary team formed by professionals from all spheres of the Law with extensive experience in the organisation and management of sporting events.

In this legal area, the BROSETA team analyses the most suitable legal structure; advises the players involved on their tax organisation and development; studies Public-Private Partnership initiatives for the construction and suitability of the infrastructures; and examines the possibilities of financing in the search for sponsors, grants, collaboration agreements, advertising, tickets, etc.

Furthermore the firm has broad experience in advisory services to professional athletes, sports clubs, societies and entities, as well as to the public administrations as part of numerous disciplines such as football, basketball, Olympic shooting, cycling, motorcycling, motor racing, sailing, tennis, track and field, etc.

The firm offers advisory services to professional athletes on tax, financial, labour, civil and asset matters, as well as on the management of image rights.

On the other hand, sports clubs, societies and other entities receive a comprehensive service on aspects regarding professional and training agreements, taxes, financing, pre-bankruptcy, bankruptcy and data protection issues.

In terms of public administrations and collaborating entities, BROSETA provides specialised advisory services with regard to the disciplinary regime, administrative proceeding, tax policy, etc.

Among the activities carried out by the Sports Law team, worthy of mention is the consultancy work in world-class sporting events such as the America’s Cup Sailing Regatta, the European Formula 1 Grand Prix, the Grand Prix Motorcycle Championship, ATP Tournaments, etc. It also has experience in legal assistance to Professional Football League, athletes, sports clubs and societies world-class squads in cycling, car racing, and sailing, among others.

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