Bankruptcy, restructuring and insolvencies

The firm has a renowned and accredited Bankruptcy, restructuring and insolvency division comprised of professionals from several of the firm’s divisions (Procedural, Labour, Economic-Administrative, Commercial, Banking and Finance, Real Estate and Tax) to provide the optimum response to a proceeding of particular complexity such as bankruptcy, where several branches of our legal system converge.

With this multidisciplinary team BROSETA optimises results, providing service such as bankruptcy administration, petitioning lawyer or creditor representation. As of the entry into force of the Bankruptcy Law, the firm has had the opportunity to participate in numerous bankruptcy proceedings through the appointment of its professionals to bankruptcy administration positions in several business sectors.

In fact, the Bankruptcy, Restructuring and Insolvency Team for the firm worked on the largest bankruptcy proceeding in Spain in terms of volume of assets and liabilities.

As representation for the debtor, the firm provides pre-bankruptcy advice as well as throughout the entire bankruptcy proceeding.

During the pre-bankruptcy period, the firm’s professionals specialise in negotiations with creditors and financial restructuring measures to avoid bankruptcy, labour structure analysis of the company, the consequences of the declaration of bankruptcy, sources of financing and the determination of proceeding costs.

At the moment of bankruptcy, BROSETA offers comprehensive advisory services for everything regarding the development of the proceeding. Likewise, as representation for the creditors, the Bankruptcy Division team provides its services in the management of bankruptcy credits, the challenge of reports, termination of agreements, defence in actions for reinstatement, study of the liquidation plan and subsequent measures, etc.

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