Family office

The economic fabric is made up of a large number of family businesses that pose specific problems associated essentially with company governance, its management, ownership and inheritance.

The experience and companionship of BROSETA in providing consultancy services to these types of companies and to the institutions that analyse this reality (i.e. the Family Business Department of the University of Valencia), translates into a specialised team of professionals capable of responding to the needs of the family business, providing specific and personalised solutions for each type of business and family.

BROSETA lawyers have a high level of experience in drawing up family protocols and shareholder agreements, as well as in the restructuring of family groups and estate inheritance planning.

Furthermore, the Family Business team of the firm likewise stands out in terms of the advisory service carried out in the governing boards, in the company as well as the family (Family Assembly, Family Board – Asamblea Familiar, Consejo de Familia), tax planning and mediation in family conflicts.

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