The firm has an experienced team specialised in all areas of Labour Law and Social Security, that provides comprehensive advisory service on matters that affect labour relations.

These advisory services are furnished continuously, always considering the needs of each client and under the principles of maximum quality and expedition, providing support to directors and members of the Human Resources Departments, as well as the management of the companies themselves.

Furthermore the BROSETA Labour Division team maintains an excellent relationship with the main players in labour relations: business organisations and unions, public administrations, universities, etc.

The firm offers its services in legal aspects as well as the implementation of cost optimisation policies, workforce adaptation to company needs, labour planning with respect to contracting, complementary social welfare, top management, compensation, flexibility in the rendering of services, collective bargaining, social security, outsourcing of services, prevention of occupational risks, conciliation, mobility, equal opportunities, talent retention, specialised training, etc.

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