Corporate and Commercial

Commercial Law has been BROSETA’S traditional area of activity since its founding in 1975. Thanks to its lengthy experience, Commercial Division professionals in the firm enjoy great professional respect and take part in the Boards of Directors and General Meetings of several public and private companies, as well as domestic and foreign business groups, furnishing advice on the design and execution of complex corporate transactions, as well as on the difficulties and conflicts posed by corporate management.

BROSETA offers solutions specific to the legal and tax problems raised by family businesses, furthermore considering the different personal, family and professional interests that overlap in this field.

The firm has also developed broad experience in merger and acquisition transactions, advising clients worldwide on all types of majority or minority interest acquisitions.

The legal advice also addresses the drafting and negotiation of commercial agreements that their activity demands, particularly commercial distribution (agency, franchise, distribution, etc.), sales and supply agreements, together with the various means of ensuring their compliance.

The commercial department also advises on industrial property matters, mainly in relation to trademarks and industrial design. The services of the firm in this area include the definition of trademark and design protection policies, as well as the legal assessment on possible violations of these and the implementation of appropriate legal measures.

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